Clarion Collection Hotel Valdemars #Review

Hotel review Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

We arrived here at night and drove into a gated courtyard in this city we knew little about.

It seemed pretty central as we drove from the airport and upon venturing out in the morning we discovered it was perfectly positioned for everything that would be on the tourist tick list!

The building itself is a stunning example of Art Nouveau style. It dates back to 1901 when it was erected as a luxury apartment building and later owned by the family of Latvia’s first president.Private properties like this one were sadly confiscated during the Soviet occupation. It had many uses during this time, one of the most documented being a residence for KGB generals. Upon its confiscation the family had to flee to Sweden and when Latvia regained its independence in 1991, the building was returned to its former owners. It was at then the hotel was conceived in a charming and sensitive transformation.

The hotel is located just minutes walk from the wonderful Old Town where you can find stunning architecture and cobbled cafe lined streets and everything else is in easy reach.You only need to take a look at the hotels Instagram account to get a feel for its personality. It’s passionate, relaxed and really welcoming and your stay will be exactly that too!

The team can’t do enough to ensure Riga, what it has to offer and it’s people make a long and lasting positive impression!

Whether you want to join a guided tour or hire one of the hotel’s bikes to go off on your own adventure, everything can be arranged.The lounge areas and rooms are both clean and contemporary as well as comfortable -they also have everything required for a perfect city break.

Some of the images above are courtesy of the Hotel with thanks.

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