Supperclub sensation @ The Gourmet Dining Room

Down a little known leafy snickleway, lush greenery to your left and elegant Victorian houses to your right, there’s a supper club. It’s one of those that if you know, you know. If you think you know you may have heard of and placed it top end of your dining bucket list. But if you don’t know you’re better off being blissfully unaware as it’s virtually impossible to snag a table. I am now going to reveal -it’s in Doncaster.

Those of us that know and love her are not surprised at the gathering of pace of the new offerings springing up in the town. That said The Gourmet Dining Room is somewhat of an institution to those that have discovered it. It’s better that way given bookings only open three times a year for tables six months in advance.

This exclusive offering is based on a passion for providing an education in exceptional cooking of good quality ingredients. The supper club is the creation of owner Michael Price who along with wife Toni welcome diners once a week into their home’s open kitchen / dining area to watch and interact with the chef as he prepares and serves a delectable six courses.

With menus evolving as a result of knowledge from his own experiences eating in some of Europe’s finest restaurants, Michael Price is a force to be reckoned with in the restaurant world. I’ve had the pleasure of dining here several times now and each meal is an experience which leaves me struck in awe. The expectation of something utterly unique is delivered via the smells and sounds that float around the tables. Being able to see everything freshly prepared adds to the anticipation of what we’ll eat. Every dish is a surprise and comes to the table with a description in full of what we are about to enjoy. By the time I get to pick up my weapon of choice to tuck into what has been presented, I am literally splitting at the seams with excitement -and every time, every dish delivers!

Keep an eye out here for booking opening dates -you won’t be disappointed!

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