Pizza recognised by UNESCO

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Well, Pizzaiuolo -the art of pizza twirling to be exact. The age old tradition recently secured ‘intangible heritage’ status and listed by UNESCO. The practice was recognised as an art that’s been handed down for generations. Cultural practices as well as places can be given protected status and there’s a reason I’m particularly pleased to see this.My first ever job whilst I was at college was one that got me into the food scene early on. Working for a traditional pizzeria in my local village I learned the passion for doing things properly where good food is concerned. Every one of the hundreds of pizzas we sold each each night was hand stretched and tossed from freshly made dough. I’m quite proud of the fact we didn’t ever cheat and the result was a busy pizza local meeting spot that was known to serve quality food.

I mastered the four parts to pizzaiuolo -making and shaping the dough, twirling, topping and baking, a skill I carry with me to this day some 25 years on. I maintain the art of taking such care to oxygenate and shape the dough before baking makes the best pizza ever -and now there’s proof!

Speaking of best pizza ever, it’s only right that I should tell you my ult fave whilst we are on the subject -no? For me, street pizza portions in Italy, namely Rome and specifically those from ‘Pizza Florida’ named after the ‘via’ on which it sits. A tiny, unassuming fast food outlet selling pizza by the slice. Pay by weight and choose a selection of amazing toppings available on the night. Light as you like with generous quality toppings at a great price. Add a Peroni for £1.50 to complete the treat and eat in (a few small tables) or take it with you to your next stop!

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