I’m a plus forty, seasoned by life, happy type. Having been an editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine for some years, I now make a crust making my clients a bigger crust via digital marketing and content generation for websites and social pages. Possessing an element of geek around anything online I decided to put this ‘passion’ to good use and start a blog about my favourite things. About the reason I work in the first place; to indulge in more food and travel. This is my hobby.

My work has taken me on some amazing adventures in the UK and around the world. I’ve stayed in some exceptionally memorable places, met some awe inspiring chefs and eaten from some amazing menus in the wildest range of surroundings. I just thought, why not share…

I’m BIG into #thesecret -the law of attraction, and power of positive thinking for those not in the know. The mindset of being grateful for what you have now and giving to receive are central to this philosophy -both of which I feel can be fulfilled with my writing. Reliving experiences in such a way that enables me to put them into a story worth sharing helps me to cement the memory of it. Whilst the actual sharing, for me counts as giving. It’s a win win.

On that note, I hope you enjoy it.


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