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Food Book Of The Month – March

There’s been a few twists and turns in my life of late. Ones that have led me to let myself believe I’ve been time starved. No time for exercise, no time to read as much as I’d like and definitely no time to cook!That changed when I saw one of my fave cook book creators bring out this intriguing title. Cooking delicious meals with just five ingredients appealed to me -it must be 1) thrifty, and 2) speedy -surely?




Getting into it, the first can be thrifty if you want it to be, but the emphasis is on less ingredients, but ofa higher quality, so on reflection, I’m happy to acquire the best within my own budget. TBH, I’m already a fan of the quality ingredient ethos. There’s nothing like an organic tomato for example -the smell! The taste!

Speedy, is definitely a focus though. These meals are meant to be easy for anyone and whilst I’m re-establishing the fact that I can indeed cook with the best of them, I’m a perfect test case for this theory.

I’ve an immediate ‘must make’ list after the first scan through; sizzling scallops on a pea and potato mash with black pudding, nutty, lemony crispy kale and sticky lamb with orange and heritage carrots #yum

I’ve notched up 2 of 3 with just the scallops to try -planned for next weekend. But the trouble is, they were in fact so quick and easy I’ve planned a whole load more recipes I need to make asap!

Jamie Oliver nutty kale salad
Nutty, lemony, crispy kale salad -yes salad!

Jamie Oliver recipe lamb

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